Low hashrate hiveOS AMD RX580 8GB Lyra2z sgminer


Whats correct settings for RX 580 8GB cards Lyra2z algo ? I'm trying to configure it but I get a hasrate of only 32 khs.

"worksize": "32"
"gpu-threads": "2"
"intensity": "15"



  • I would also love to how to config lyra2z with RX580 8gb cards, below are the settings im trying to use but it just doesn't start hashing ue25pbs4ycz8.png
  • I think my issue is zpool.ca i can mine lyra2z fine with other pools although i get very low hashrate
  • I have not found the solution, mining works but with a very low hashrate, few kh/s, nothing of mh/s.
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