xmr-stak - Best way to find problematic GPU

I have a 6 GPU AMD rig using xmr-stak. Looks like the miner stops and the cards stop hashing after about 8 - 24 hours.

What process do you guys go through to find out which GPU is causing the issue? Is there specific logs that help with this? The xmr-stack log isn't giving me any info about this.



  • All gpu's stop or only in dashboard shows as no hashrate ? I have seen when xmr-stak crash is due some card don't work good with the OC levels managed and adjusted OC levels and all working fine.

  • Yeah all cards seem to stop hashing. Pretty sure it's 1 GPU not happy with it's OC, but I was hoping there was a log somewhere to find out which one. Makes it hard to debug without a log to look at when it takes so long to crash.

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