How do I upgrade HiveOS and Miners?

Hi all, I am new to HiveOS. Just migrate my RIG to HiveOS, may I know if there is a self upgrade feature for HiveOS as well as get new version of miners if there is any?

Thank you.


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    You can do it in following way:
    - from rig control panel or main menu item "Rigs" by pressing button like orange up arrow

    - by entering command in console - selfupgrade

    Also notice thain in follow way you upgrade only HiveOS core and miners. Drivers and Linux core don't upgrade via web update.
  • Hi there, thank you very much for your advise. By following your instruction, I have successfully upgrade the OS.
  • Hello. I tried also to Update but its not working. I get on all my 3 Rigs an error with selfupgrade failed. How i can fix it?
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