Manually update Nvidia driver to 396.18

I've downloaded file and saved it to /hive-drivers-pack . I chmod it and after I run it I get the following error :
Extraction failed ; Cleaning up. I tried with giving it tmpdir for extraction but nothing works.I read in nvidia forums that this is mainly a problem with not enough space on USB/HDD i am using 16 GB USB 3.0 which should have plenty of space . in MC i get to see that in most folders I have only used about 28 % of space so should be available at least 4-5 gb more. Please help solve this problem !!!


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    HiveOS filesystem only 8Gb total. If want to use all space youn need to repartition drive.

    R396 series is developer version. I don't know why do you need it

    If you installed HiveOS from image v0.5-45 first of all you need to execute command
    logs-on then reboot and then you can try to install NVidia driver
  • At the moment there are a few miners, which require cuda 9.2/396.xx driver. Any plans to install the driver?

    I tried to install it. The problem that nvidia-settings core dumps always.
    I know that it works on usual linux distros.

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