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Народ подскажите как настроить хайв под данный протокол на найсхэш?
Пробовал xmr и claymore. Хайв говорит что все майнит без проблем, но найсхэш не принимает мощность. не подскажите что сделать или куда копать? Может конфиг специфический необходимо прописать?


  • Firt off, you need to use BTC address that was assigned to you by Nicehash if you want to monitor your prgoress on their Dashboard.

    Regarding config, I think there is something wrong in HiveOS templates... I've managed to use both xmr and Claymore for Cryptonight_v7 on Nicehash, but I had to change pool url into and for xmr I had to insert "currency": "cryptonight_v7" into Config override section. I think you can reconfigure all of that for eavy instead of v7. Check their support page:

    Anyway, my initial opinion is that I get a bit better hash rate with Claymore and a bit lower power consumtion. I didn't have time to fine tune xmr-stak...
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    Вообще не вижу проблемы настроить ни cn-v7 ни cn-heavy
    Claymore для cn-heavy не подходит
    настройки пула cn-v7
    и указать в Claymore override
    -pow7 1

    для cn-heavy использовать xmr-stak
    потоки на проц и карты расписывать не буду
    адрес пула:
    в config override прописать
    для использования xmr-stak для копки cn-v7
    + адреса пула см.выше
  • I was unable to use Claymore for CN heavy - for me it works only CN v7.

    For xmr-stak - there I can run both CN v7 and CN heavy. Only, problem is that xmr-stak has lower hash rate than Clymore for same OC settings and power consumption.
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