1050 ti lower hashrate than Win10/Win7

I'm using Hiveos from this morning. I have 3 MSI GamingX 1050 ti cards (micron memory). Using Win7, one card (core -200, mem +950, Power Limit 75%) was generating 14,2 to 14,7 Mhs (Ethash). On Hiveos I can only reach 13,81 to 13,96 using the same OC parameters. I've tried to use different miners version - didn't help at all. Is it normal? Or is there a chance to get more than ~13,85 per card?


  • type your "the same parameters"
    Linux system memory clock need to double and PL calcultes in Watts vs % in Windows
  • try:
    -200 / +1900 / 60
  • edited June 14
    MSI GTX 1050 TI 4GT LP
    Core CLock: -200
    Memory Clock: 1275
    Power Limit; 60

    Get 14,5 MHs
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