VNC or Shellinabox

Hello guys, just downloaded this excellent program tonight and finding my way round. Configured rig and wallet and am mining away, but i can't log onto my monitor using VNC or Shellinabox, saying my password is wrong? I am using the rig password? Is there another one i should be using?

Thanks for your help


  • For shell in a box use:
    User: user
    pass: 1

    for vnc only password 1
  • Many Thanks, this works
  • Guys! Everybody talk that we need to secure our accounts and immediately change ours standard credentials (i.m L:USER, P:1). And also disable VNC.
    But here are a lot of absolutely nubs in Linux like me. I already found how to change standard password via Shell in Box.
    You need to type : passwd user
    and after set new password and confirm it.
    But what about VNC? How can I fully disable that function to secure more?

  • # open new ROXterm tab and enter following
    # change directory
    cd /hive-config/
    # text edit
    vim vnc-password.txt
    # here delete 1 or whatever u have stored as a password and leave there just a blank line
    # and VNC should be disabled now.
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    * to edit text file in vim press "i" and then write
    * to close a text file in vim press ":wq" (do write quit)
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