Idiots Guide required please

Hello all,
Idiot here, and i am in need of learning how to view the console over a WAN please. I can see it via VNC in my home LAN, but before i swap my rigs from SMOS to HIVE, i need to make sure i can see the console from my work desk.
Can some can person point me to an idiots guide where i can follow simple instructions to allow me to do this. In SMOS i can just press a link to show me the remote console.

Thank you peps,
Wasp0 The Idiot ;-)


  • Anyone point me towards how to view my miner from a remote location (Not in same LAN)??

    Thank you
  • I just use shellinabox. Click it and enter login:user password:1 and it will take you to the agent screen where you can execute console commands or monitor.
  • Thank Capn, i get that, but that is over a LAN (Local Network), i need to learn how to view over a WAN (IE From my work place, not in the same location as my rig).


  • Setup port forwarding on your home router. Port 4200 for web browser https acccess, or Port 5900 for VNC (those are the default ports, not sure if you can change).
  • trying to do the same. Looking into OpenVPN. Is that not what its for?
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    Hey trying to do the same but connection timed out here is a picture from my forwarding
    pls help
  • For web browser shellinbox: https://wanip:2222
    For VNC viewer app: wanip:5900
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