AMD Power Draw & Hash


I'm trying to love Hiveos and if I can get my power draw down to something similar to Windows with a similar hashrate... I'll be very happy.

The rig I'm testing is all RX 570 but I don't think that has much to do with anything.

Basically no matter what I try on Hiveos I consume about 20% more power at the wall, dual mining or single mining. I've come to believe that adjusting the AMD settings doesn't actually change the voltage on the memory.

Windows Overdriventool for gpu0:

Bios for gpu0:


I've tried core state index 1-5 which does change power and hashrate a bit but I can't get desired results. Also, what's the point of setting the index if you manually set the core clock and core voltage?

I've tried memory states 1 & 2 and using 1 drops power to the levels I hope for but hashrate tanks. Is there a way to just set desired memory mV?

Any guidance is appreciated. In all my searching it seems that in order to have the desired results I would need to kernalmod my cards which I don't really want to do. I'd love to figure this out so I can switch algo's easily on Hiveos.

Windows ~180mhs pulling 770 at the wall single mining claymore eth | ~181mhs pulling 920 at the wall dual mining blake2s.

Hivos: ~176mhs pulling 924 at the wall single mining claymore eth. | 178mhs pulling 1124 at the wall dual mining blake2s.


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