For those of you running this board or buying one for hive os i have not been able to get 12 of amd or nvdia to work at same time what i found is if you follow the biostar directions for windows you can get 6 nvdia and 6 amd working but you have to install the nvdia/amd risers vertical all in one bank..on the other hand the gigabyte fintech will run any combination of 12..biostar is a cheaper board works well with the above limitations..


  • I am running 12 x NVIDIA 1070 Ti in HiveOS without anyproblems
  • yea I can get it to recognize 12 amd or nvdia but get all sorts of errors its a poorer quality board compared to gigabyte..the gigabyte 90% of the time on a new setup it will work on first poweron
  • I am not a biostar or gigabyte fan.

    important matter is it just works as expected. that is it !
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