weird behavior of the hashrate/temp/fanspeed display

who knows whats wrong? get this several times a week:


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    Your CPU load averages it's too high and your system slowdowns
    The reasons for this are individual, but in most cases are related to hardware settings - power, overclock, etc.
  • you think it will stop when I do less overclocking?
  • euskij wrote: »
    you think it will stop when I do less overclocking?
    You need to examine dmesg command output.
    It will be done by entering
    dmesg | grep "NVRM: Xid"
    If something found then it fail by too much overclocking
  • i have switched off the overclocking. but i have still that issue. now i get the screen instantly after a reboot. when i check dmesg | grep "NVRM: Xid", i get the message that my gpu has fallen out of the bus, but nothing has changed:
    [ 594.209339] NVRM: Xid (PCI:0000:07:00): 79, GPU has fallen off the bus. --> this is the GPU Nr. 5
    But when i look at the miners log, GPU5 is accepting hashes...i cant figure out whats wrong..
  • NVidia driver try to stay alive but in mining mode we observe growth of load averages. Also it's observe as hashrate drop, visual artefacts in HiveOS, etc

    I think you must check riser and all connectors for card which has bus address 07:00 (nr 5 as you report)
  • now it sems like everythings dead. all connection have been checked and seems to be ok. Is the OS corrupt?
  • Seems like corrupted FS. I'm think for resolve reinstall OS image will be fastest method
  • any fix for this? i had a similar situtaion, the display went blue like above, but the miner was still hashing
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