Diskless Boot via NFS Server

Hi Developer Guys!

At first, let me say!
You did a Awesome and REALLY great Job developing this OS!
I tried many many OSes and invest Hours over Hours in investigating Linux and Windows with APIs.
But HiveOS is everything i Ever need! :smiley: i like it very very much!

The last Step for my Farm is an NFS Server for Booting it Diskless!
HiveOS is based on Ubuntu.
So can i use the Diskless Boot Features from Ubuntu?
Or is there anything i need to change specially for HiveOS?


BR a Fan!


  • The same question. It's good idea to boot rigs over the network.
  • For sure a PXE boot + nfs would be a perfect solution for a big farm. I'm not in this case, but I can help you to figure it out if you need help. JUst be sure to have 2 "servers" to allow booting+nfs in case of a failure, to prevent your complete farm to fall offline
  • Or maybe you can use 2 rigs with ssd and many ram to be the servers...so you don't have to run dedicated servers. Maybe even hiveos team can add this as a package - hiveos-pxe-server
  • You should be able to send from the PXE server a separate image for each MAC address with a different rig ID. Not the cleanest solution but it should work.
  • In fact you probably just have to serve the unconfigured rig image, so on first boot it will ask for rigid
  • I think I"ll try to make it at home just for the fun of it. @voltage_at and @babayota, I'll try to take notes to help you out set it up. I think that the best way (for me) is to use an actual rig, resize the installation and use it as server. Do you use dhcp in your farm?
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    Thanks for reply. Yes, I am using dhcp but with Static Leases. I think to run the NFS server for pxeboot on the router (OpenWrt or Padavan)
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