Rig Monitoring Offline & No data from Miner (CC MINER)

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I am having a problem with the monitoring function.

Although rig is actively, mining, it says rig is OFFLINE and no data from miner

How can i solve this ?

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  • Your CPU load averages in red zone. Something wrong with your rig
  • any correlation with this issue ?
  • I'm having this exact issue on my Asrock H110 Pro BTC+ 13 1070 ti system. The same setup with only 5 cards doesn't have this issue.
  • I have this issue too but whit my first claymore miner. nobody helps me. I put my question here and on facebook. :-1:
  • this on an octominer by chance? ive got the same problem... I was running 5gpu on one psu and everything was perfect. added 2nd psu and last 3 gpu and getting this error now. hooked monitor up to rig and its working fine. possible the weak processors octominer installs cant handle reporting all 8 cards or something like that?
  • everyone, I solved the issue by playing intensity settings of ccminer.

    no problems anymore, working like swiss clock !
  • Which intensity setting did you use to fix it? I'm having the same issue on 9 card rigs and cant find an intensity setting that brings sysload down to acceptable levels.
  • intensity setting depends on several factors

    number of GPUs
    type model of GPUs
    Algo and miner software
    and so on..

    best method is : TRY & ERROR by yourself.
  • I'm getting this same problem with Claymore on about 100 rigs. Incredibly frustrating.
  • got the same problem also on some rigs . Still no solutions for that ?
  • İ found a solution for my hardware.
    on Biostar BTC Pro board just enter the bios and change the Fan speed to quiet.
    İ also change the PCİ BUS speed to Gen 1 on every gpu include the pcie 16x.
    Everything works smooth atm
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