How to mine to deferent coins on same rig


How to start rest 5 gpu to mine Zencash. What im doing wrong here? Wallet is my username on supernova


  • Use forum search for "Second miner" feature
    Also quick info from HiveOS author
  • What if I need more than two miners? I have real case, where I use 4 different miners (3 copies of Claymore for different graphic cards and 1 other miner for CPU). For example, new Claymore don't take devfee for cards winth 2gb RAM. But if I have different cards with 2 gb and 4gb RAM and start one copy of claymore for all cards, devfee will be for all cards. If I run two copies of Claymore, one of them (where 2 GB cards) will not take the devfee.
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    Current version of HiveOS support run simultaneously only TWO DIFFERENT miners. You can run other copies but you must run it manually without any web-stats and web-control.

    AFAIK feature you are asking about is scheduled in HiveOS 2.0.
  • Do you mean, than I can't run even 2 copies of the same Claymore? It should be completely different progams?
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