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Teleconsole is an SSH tunnel to your rig. In few words you start it on the rig and open ssh in browser or in Linux/Mac console. Does not require any VPN or being in local network.

Product website

To start it run this with Linux Shell Execute on web
telec start

The copy-paste given link ro browser. Or run
teleconsole join <given id>
on your Linux/Mac terminal.

Run "telec" to see if it's running, check other commands like stop, log open.

Teleconsole IS NOT started automatically. You need to start it from web. Given session id is almost impossible to guess, it's alsmost like to guess a private key for your bitcoin wallet. Treat it like a random login and password.

If you don't connect for 60 minutes the link will expire and teleconsole daemon will be terminated on the rig.


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