After booting rig works OK, but later hashrate is falling

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All GPUs works, but each GPU hashrate descreased approximately twice. Also, when hashrate falls, I dont see GPUs hashrates and temperatures in the web interface. What is the problem?


  • Could you screenshot the web interface? Check my other posts, may be related.
  • I'm having the exact same issue with the 49 build. Suddenly my gtx 1070 is not recognized anymore (fans still spinning) hash rate dropping from 1100 to 580
  • hi, i`m having the same issue on gtx1080 (normal hash speed ~580) and on 49 build is stating ok and after 5-10 minutes ithe hash rate si going down with ~50%
  • I have similar problem since 02.05.15 6:20 central europe time. I have lost remote control and also hash + temp was not visible. But pool was showing OK hash so I let it work till now. Today I have done reboot directly from rig ( remote location ). But after boot it is hanging in desktop and no window will show. I can not also start browser or anything. I can just right click and select exit desktop. After this I can see error message:
    It seems X server failed to run ( or you have stopped it ).This can happen with some GPUs and buggy drivers. But you still can use hive in console.

    So there I can enter miner and I can see that hashrate is lower and fans are not working according to OC setup. So I believe that OC setup is not applied. But when I try to reaply OC from browser it will write that OC is applyed than nothing will change.

    Power draw is OK.

    Thank you for help
  • If anyone care remake of USB driver helped
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