Installation size of HiveOS?

I'm wondering about the space required by hiveos? I noticed that the image is 7 gb, but my online dashboard shows only 2gb available for my drives (32 gb). Is hiveOS using a pagefile/virtual memory to make the installation so large?

Lastly, why is it so large? I imagine hiveOS is built on ubuntu server?


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    As you noticed HiveOS distro takes about 7Gb image.
    After flashing to drive filesystem has free space around 2.2Gb from 7Gb.
    But rest of your drive (> image size) a free and not used by HiveOS.

    You can resize your drive to use the whole space. You can do this ... )
  • so it partitions into ~9gb for hiveOS and leaves the rest unused? Does that mean we can use a 10 gb drive?

    Does hiveOS use a "virtual memory" allocation like windows? Is there a possibility and advantage of doing something like this?
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    you can resize ssd/hdd on the fly and use all available space
    - do search "howto resize partition under ubuntu linux" if you need all disk space and you have > 8gb drive size
    - hiveos don't use swap (it's like pagefile under windows) - it's unnecessary (it's maybe hard to imagine after windows but it's true)
    - real hiveos size around 5Gb or less (linux base + drivers + some system app + mining software)
    - minimal drive size - it's usb stick 8gb or similar ssd/hdd
  • Thank you very much, this is very good to know
  • In case you were wanting instructions on how to increase the filesystem:
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