- new multipool for Ethash coins

Main features:
  • Lots of popular coins are available in our pool. You can use SOLO, PPLNT and our unique group mode. [etp][music][pirl][exp][ubq][dbix][etc][eth][ella][nuko][vic][etz][pgc][aura][aka][mix][hbf][esn][gen][clo][str][eti][aqua][egem][yoc]
  • All payments are instant. You can change the amount of payments in your personal account.
  • You don’t need to change configuration of the miner for changing your coin.
  • New coins will be added to our pool immediately
  • Predictions of income in $/per 24 hours
  • Administrator of the pool is available in Telegram and Discord
  • For the first 1000 miners membership is no-fee

We are planning to start:
  • Public API
  • Mobile app
  • D3 detailing
  • Release in Asia/ Canada/ Australia

Link to pool

Обзор на русском!

Example wallet:
  "name": "",
  "props": {
    "ewal": "ALW46XnBUn61BfqvJua9Gd",
    "claymore": {
      "epools_tpl": "POOL:, WALLET: %EWAL%.ethsolo, PSW: x",
      "claymore_user_config": "-allpools 1\n-allcoins 1\n-esm 3"


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    Добрый день. Что-то не фунциклирует. sx9dn01j62o4.jpg

    Пробовал разные варианты(s-ru, s-eu ...) не помогло, так же с esm 3 и без, нет результата

    лог Claymore
    11:04:35:411 c97fa700 ETH: Stratum - connecting to '' <91.
    239.5.12> port 9999 (unsecure)

    11:04:35:412 c97fa700 sent: {"id": 1, "method": "mining.subscribe", "param
    s": ["MinerName/1.0.0", "EthereumStratum/1.0.0"]}

    11:04:35:412 c97fa700 sent: {"id": 5, "method": "mining.extranonce.subscri
    be", "params": []}

    11:04:35:412 c97fa700 sent: {"id": 2, "method": "mining.authorize", "param
    s": [" ЗДЕСЬ АДРЕС КОШЕЛЬКА.rxgtx","x"]}

    11:04:35:412 c97fa700 ETH: Stratum - Connected ( (un

    11:04:35:422 c97fa700 buf: HTTP/1.0 503 unknown method
    Connection: close
    Content-Length: 119
    Date: Wed, 16 May 2018 08:04:39 GMT
    Expires: 0

    <title>Error 503: unknown method</title>


    <h1>Error 503: unknown method</h1>



    11:04:35:422 c97fa700 buf: HTTP/1.0503unknownmethod











    11:04:35:422 c97fa700 Socket was closed remotely (by pool)

    11:04:35:423 c97fa700 ETH: Job timeout, disconnect, retry in 20 sec...
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