New Teleconsole logic

If only I can upload how many times I wanted to throw mouse in monitor because Teleconsole showed me:
Exec failed, exitcode=1

Why this happens so often:
I start Teleconsole... do something... and then just close Tab in Firefox.
After some time...I want to do something more through console.
I click start and web site gives me error.
And it shows me error because console is already running.
But I forget about it, like I said: "after some time"
Then I have to click Stop
And then Start.

But next time I forget that console is already running and same sh** happens.

Can Admin change command from:
telec start
telec stop && telec start

1. no more messages: Teleconsole session already running
2. only one Teleconsole instance is allowed
3. it will give you Restart possibility in 1 click (now it's 2 clicks: stop+start)
4. I will calm my nerves

tnx and happy mining


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