R9 290

Hi Guys,

i need a bit of help for the R9 290 PowerColor.

Does anybody has a power optimized Bios for the R9 290?
There was a old thread from the litecoin forum but it was deleted.

I already checked the stilt Bios V48 with 1100 Core and 1500 Mem Clock
it gives ~ 27 MHS but the Power consumpion is way to high.

What is the minimum Voltage the card runs with?

Thanks a lot for you help.


  • Best Settings i found:

    - Undervolt the Stilt Bios V48 with Hawaii Editor.
    - 800 MHz Core Clock
    - 1000 Mhz Memory Clock
    - All Voltage Settings to 910mV accept the VDDCI State Voltage.

    I get a Powerconsumption of 225 W at 20,2 MHS.

    However i could lower the Voltage under 900mV and the Card works fine but if Claymore starts i get 8 MHS or 0 MHS. Can anybody explain this issue? Anbody has an idea to lower the Voltage under 900mV ?

  • Thanks for the info
  • edited May 17
    мой самодельный биос.
    делал неделю методом подбора.
    частоты 990/1200 потребление зажато 220ватт.
    тайминги памяти модифицированы.
    для памяти ельпида
    скорость 28.2 mh
    температура 60-65 градусов.
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