[12 x 1080ti 11g] CPU Load avg - reboot

Hi all.

I'm trying to mine some Verges (XVG) with CCminer.
I use a RIG of 12 1080ti 11g NVIDIA GPU, under Hive OS.
CPU : I5, 3 Ghz

Settings :

- CCMiner intensity 18 (on 21.4 !)
- Version Hive 0.5-51
- NO OC settings

And..... I cannot have a stable mining system since 2 days.... The CPU load avg is incredibly high and provoque reboots......

Tx in advance for your help....

Results :


Some questions :

1) I have only 4Go RAM. I need to ad more ?
2) The CPU load is very high, should I change the processor ?

Many tx for your future help..


  • Well just check the CPU load an RAM consumption in HiveOS.
    Go in the Terminal (RoxTerm) and type "htop" enter.
  • Hi many thanks for this first answer.

    The result for htop is:

    Arf..... a virtual memory issue? I bot on USB key only, no HDD....

    Tx in advance for your collaboration.
  • Thats looks like the cc miner cofiguration opens to much task.
    I guesss they a hundreds of 0,7 CPU Miner threads.

    However i am out i do not use cc miner. Sorry

    May someone can look if this is a correct behavier of ccminer?

  • edited May 17
    The processor here is nothing to do with. The average CPU load averages is not a pure CPU time. This is load goes to the system as a whole

    As you can see - cpu load not too high as well as memory usage.

    htop - nice and beautiful, but useless in this case, since it is impossible to see the full picture of what is happening - use at least a classic top
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