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  • А если на WIFI нет пароля, что делать? Если его просто пропустить, то пишет Empty value и опять его требует.
  • Знающие люди, помогите пожалуйста. Тоже проблема с вайфаем, ссид и пароль не запоминает, приходиться вводить каждый раз после перезагрузки. Видел что советовали отредактировать файл /etc/network/interfaces, так вот, как до него добраться и отредактировать? Пробовал через sftp в тотал комадире, но там не дает его сохранить после редактирования.
  • How can I disable wifi after it has been setup? When I type "wifi" it only asks for IP address etc but there is no option to disable wifi.
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    For disabling wifi you need to execute command
  • Не получается поднять wifi. при команде #wifi ввожу SSID и пароль, ругается с ошибкой too many simbolic links.
    ifconfig адаптер видит, но к сети не подключается.
    Куда копнуть не подскажете?
  • Cause HiveOS is buuild on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial you will find help in Ubuntu Forums.
    WLAN runs out of the box in Ubuntu.
    If not it is a problem between several drivers or a missing firmware package.
    Just do a Google search at: "Ubuntu 16.04" Your Wlan Adapter or: "Ubuntu Xenial" Your Wlan Adapter. In most cases you have to blacklist some other drivers or load additional firmwarepackage and you are ready to go.
  • Just updated my rig(s) to ver.0.5-54. Why HiveOS still doesn't connect to hidden wifi? Please, follow my simple solution: find in /hive/sbin/wifi at line 117
    wpa_passphrase "$WIFI_SSID" "$WIFI_PASSWORD" |tee /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
    and replace it with
    wpa_passphrase "$WIFI_SSID" "$WIFI_PASSWORD" | sed -e "s/\}/\tscan_ssid=1\n\}/g" |tee /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
    this whill add additional option "scan_ssid=1" to wpa supplicant config file. then reboot and enjoy!
    Or do you know some more elegance solution?
    Anyway, I hope this whill helps.. to someone ;)
  • So does anyone know a cheap wifi adapter that i can plug in and someone has already figured out how to get it to start and connect to the internet on reboot that someone can tell me about? And give me what i need to type to get the drivers.
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    Several month ago bought on AliExpress for only 2.95 USD Wi-Fi which fully supported by HiveOS (MT7601U inside)

    promo price today - 2.85 USD
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    @HaloGenius is their anything else that i need to run? Such as drivers to install? Or is it just plug and play?
  • @MiningYeti
    Drivers integrated to HiveOS. PNP and no pain )
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