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  • The Problem is that HiveOS shutdown is a simple shutdown and does not really looking for if services are finished and write their data back. So if you have a slow device the write back process is not finished and it end in corruped partition. …
  • Power Problem? Mainboard has all powerconnectors and enough Power? Try just one card or plug the one out wich is in the long slot. Sometimes this is an issue with some boards. Switch to GEN 1 in Bios . I do not have the card so may be somethin…
  • Thats looks like the cc miner cofiguration opens to much task. I guesss they a hundreds of 0,7 CPU Miner threads. However i am out i do not use cc miner. Sorry May someone can look if this is a correct behavier of ccminer?
  • Perhaps add it to HiveOS. Nobody wants to drive to the datacenter and boot a fucking windows CD just to flash the newest nvidia bios. ;-)
  • Can you change your networkcard settings in the Bios from autonegoation to 100 mbit? And perhaps update your router firmware to the latest. May be at the router you can change to 100 mbit settings too.
  • I would not recommend update the driver manually! If you do this the wrong way you stay at this driver version forever and the next HiveOS updates of the driver will fail or best situation will be ignored. I wait for an update.
  • Well just check the CPU load an RAM consumption in HiveOS. Go in the Terminal (RoxTerm) and type "htop" enter.
  • Thats strange. For me it work for my Nvidia GTX 1050 ti. AMD i can not check cause my R 290 never react to OV from HiveOS.
  • Even the Version before at a mixed Rig Nvidia/AMD i had the issue that sometimes the OV settings linked to the Wallet was loaded and sometimes not. The manual OV (The Big Buttons) at the Rig page settings always work for me. Even with the actual ver…
  • Hi Givo, 32 HS is impressive and what is the power consumption at 32 HS? Thank you for sharing you information.
  • At the terminal apt-get install synaptic You run it with "synaptic" apt-get install pcmanfm You run it with "pcmanfm"
  • No. The R290 does not react on OC settings. You have to flash your Core and Memory timings in your Bios. I do not know why but this is bug is not fixed in HiveOS.
    in r9 290 flashing Comment by mansey May 15
  • The cards stay obvious in the DPM 1. I only saw this with a wrong bios which was to much undervolted.
  • Go in Terminal and type "htop" enter and look wich process does the high CPU load? Wich kind of Radeons? Do they have a proper mining bios? It sounds that they are throttling cause of reaching max heat or power. Go in Overclocking and try ch…
  • Well it is Ubuntu 16.04 with Openbox as window manager. You can install what ever you like. ;-) F.e. synaptic as package manager: apt-get install synaptic As file manager Thunar, ROX or pcmanfm. But be careful all this programs need RAM and …
  • Thanks Givo, WINSCP works fine
  • Cause HiveOS is buuild on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial you will find help in Ubuntu Forums. WLAN runs out of the box in Ubuntu. If not it is a problem between several drivers or a missing firmware package. Just do a Google search at: "Ubuntu 16.04" Your W…
    in WiFi setup Comment by mansey May 14
  • Best Settings i found: - Undervolt the Stilt Bios V48 with Hawaii Editor. - 800 MHz Core Clock - 1000 Mhz Memory Clock - All Voltage Settings to 910mV accept the VDDCI State Voltage. I get a Powerconsumption of 225 W at 20,2 MHS. However…
    in R9 290 Comment by mansey May 14
  • 1. Try changing the riser cards. 2. Are all 3 Power connectors connected to the Motherboard? 3. As f3rry said do you have enough Power? 4. Sure? Did you measure it at the wall (f.e. with Kill a Watt) The H81 Pro BTC R2.0 sometimes does not wai…
  • you could also check the cpu load in the terminal with the command "htop" does claymore really is the problem thread?
  • I had this issue and i switched in the Bios of my Motherboard (H81 PRO BTC R2.0) from Gen1 to Gen2. This fixed the high CPU usage.

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