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  • My OC configuration is ok. I have no incorrect shares and no memory errors. CPU clocks are so low temp is about 57-59 Celsius with fans at 40%. PCIE is already set to GEN2. Moybe something else in BIOS, but this problem with soft reboot I see only …
  • Flash a newer version of the BIOS. Make sure you are disabled Mining mode, disable IGPU, make PCIE preferd display adapter, enable Gen2 end 4G. I use this options and GA-H110-D3A works like a charm.
  • This problem is isolated to HiveOS and needs to be solved. When GPU hangs, I can restart computer by 100x but every time GPU that hangs will not be shown, but if I make SHUTDOWN instead and power on, GPU will show immediately. I have make test in …
  • I have similar problem, think that is linked to this and isolated to HiveOS or Linux behind.
  • brnfex wrote: » That's a hardware issue - bad riser, PSU or cables. Try to reseat everything, if it still appears - replace the riser. Hmm. But this is happening 3 times before and every time is another GPU. Why all working well if I power-off…

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