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WiFi setup

Wifi and adapters and Linux have tough relations. Though some of them are supported and you can try to use it. In general, it’s simple. On your first run, you’ll be asked for a rig password but since you have no interne…

66 January 20, 2021
Rig is Offline and connection problems

The common question is My rig is mining, but it’s offline in Hive A bit of explanation. There is an agent on a rig that sends stats every 10 seconds to server. It start as soon as the system boots. So your rig maybe …

60 September 1, 2020
OpenVPN setup

To check client’s service status on the rig when you upload config and it’s not working systemctl status openvpn@client journalctl -u openvpn@client -e --no-pager -n 100 Just to give you a valid example of my working…

7 April 6, 2020

Teleconsole is an SSH tunnel to your rig. In few words you start it on the rig and open ssh in browser or in Linux/Mac console. Does not require any VPN or being in local network. Product website https://www.teleconsole…

32 September 10, 2018
Static IP address for rig

This is simple. All network configs are here linked here /hive-config/network/ /hive-config/network/ They are visible from Windows so you can edit them before you boot. Sample c…

16 July 19, 2018
About the Networking category 1 July 12, 2018
Security reminder

If you have received notifications about wrong password logins. Yes, botnets are scanning Yes, we block them but can’t do that with one click No, we haven’t been hacked. What is the best way to sleep well and keep y…

2 July 13, 2018
OpenVPN Tutorial for HiveOS

[center]HiveOS VPN Setup[/center] First of all you need to have a PC or a Server that needs to have a fixed IP on the internal network (the network where you host the VPN Server). Please remember that all VPN traffic wi…

6 July 13, 2018

To change system password for user (for SSH and VNC also) please use the following command hive-passwd yournewsecurepass Usually you rig is connected to the internet through the router. In this case you just relax and…

12 July 13, 2018
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