OS setup and Linux

Booting problems ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) (115)

In general you just plug your drive in the rig and it goes. But sometimes it just doesn’t) Firstly you should ensure you are not trying to boot from UEFI partition. Some bioses give you this option to choose and you sho…

Drivers Update ( 2 ) (29)

Sometimes users want to try other drivers. Really advanced would not ask such questions, but if you want to play here is a guide. Starting from 0.5-70 there is an utility to Nvidia install driver which you can use fro…

Failing selfupgrade (4)

Sometimes there can be situation when Ubuntu repo is out of sync and it can’t find some package. This happens because Hive is updating itself only but not the whole Ubuntu to minimise traffic. In a long run some package …

Useful Linux commands for beginners (16)

miner - shows running miner screen. miner start | stop starts or stops currently configured miner obviously. miner log, miner config - selfexplaining agent-screen - shows hive client agent selfupgrade - upgrade from …

Using FARM_HASH (5)

You can find FARM_HASH on the web. Using it you can easily add rigs in bulk without creating rigs on the web and getting RIG_ID. Hash is unique for each farm. Write Hive image as usual to your Flash/SSD. After the write…

Logs (9)

Where the logs are dwelling… Miner logs The simple way. Click on the “Log” button under the “Miner” selection. http://forum.hiveos.farm/uploads/editor/yr/nilcobp2yg17.png You will get a response with the current scre…

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Black screen (7)

So there is common situation when the boot is going, then you see HIVE message in console and then the screen is going black. The reason for this is failing to start X server. It’s a linux graphical user interface. Mak…

Version Downgrade (11)

Sometimes after update something is not working for you and you’d like to go back to previous version. Though it can’t be done via web panel but you can do it manually either from SSH shell or “Linux Command Execute” on …

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