0FL01 error - anyone know how to fix this?

Can anyone help me fix the 0FL01 error? I cannot flash my RX 5700 no matter what I try.

I’m using amdvbflash 3.04+ version from IgorsLab and the TechPowerUp. I tried flashing in Windows and in UEFI powershell from USB. I get the same error no matter what.

Plz help!

Have you tried amdvbflash -unlockrom 0 first??

use 2.93 flasher, it works way better for me than newer one. (im getting similar errors with 3.04 version)

I was able to flash it back to the original bios the GPU came with.

Now I am having trouble flashing it to a modded bios because the RSA authentication signature does not match

You cannot flash a signed bios. You need to get an older revision that is not signed and then do the mod on it.