1 worker, dual mine ETH, same wallet question

Hey all,

I have one rig that has 9 cards, 2 of them are Nvidia, and the rest AMD. I have the flight sheet set up to dual mine with the Nvidia on phoenixminer and the amd on teamredminer.

Is there anything I need to do in flight sheet config if both of those miners are going to the same address?

It seems that ethermine is only reporting what is coming from TeamRedMiner, I am not able to see the combined hash rate on the ethermine website

Could you post your FlightSheet screenshot?

Flight Sheet, no miner config. :slight_smile: Like this

Sorry on my phone atm.


You cannot see two entry on pool because you are using the same %worker_name%. Try to replace one (or both) %worker_name% with unique name. We will see which miner don’t sent results to pool (if any).

So would I replace %worker_name% completely or do I just write “test” I know it is only the phoenixminer that is not showing on ethermine

Did you test it on another pool? Hiveon for example?

Am i naming it in the worker name field like this? Sorry for being so clueless

(Edit: that seems to done the trick!)


congrats :slight_smile: :+1:

I had the same problem, my solution was just adding some meaningful suffix. In my case it was:
for t-rex: %WORKER_NAME%_3060ti <— because this group is made only of these gpus
for nbminer: %WAL%.%WORKER_NAME%_1660s <— same reasone as above :wink:

then in ethermine I can see both of them as: