1080 TI Not Working on Hive OS

I cannot get my 1080 TI to register on Hive OS. In fact, it keeps my rig from even booting up. How do I fix this?

Does the GPU and Riser get enough power? Have you tried moving the GPU to another riser?

Just throwing out some suggestions…

Hey! Thanks for the reply. I switched out the risers and no luck! Should I switch the GPU cables?

Hey! :smile:

Just so you know. I’m not an expert. Just trying to give you some ideas.

I guess you just have to go through the whole thing and try to eliminate one thing at a time. Are you able to test the GPU in a PC or something? Just to make sure there’s nothing wrong with the GPU itself.

If the GPU is working as it should I check and make sure that it gets enough power, the same goes for the riser. I think the riser can draw as much as 75 watts, and if you are not power limiting (which you obviously can’t since the rig wont start) the 1080 Ti can draw as much as 330 watts.

What else do you have in your rig? What power supply are you using? Mother board?