12-30-2020 update fails startup overclock settings (eth pill prob?)

Update 0.6-188@201230 fails the startup overclock (not super clear on what exactly but it attempts to set something to -1000 and fails during the console startup routines.) It tries to mine but crashes shortly after Phoenix Miner starts. Falling back to 0.6-185@201230 without changing any other setting solves the problem; rig is stable under this version (0.6-185@201230).

Running an asus mining b250 know-it-all with NVIDIA cards, using eth pill on 4 of them. Problem also occurs on another single card computer running a 1080 using ethpill, not totally sure if ethpill is to blame.

Not to mention, setting power limit no longer works for Vega cards. =(

Not to mention:

*** General improvements (optimized boot sequence by using new hivex control; cleanup output to syslog by removing colors codes; added to exclusion list from mining more AMD APU/IGP; other small fixes and improvements)

Yep pretty sure the startup sequence is broken on many computers…and eth pill isn’t causing the issue.

Live, laugh, learn.