2 workers, Same Coin, Different wallets

1 have 2 workers, 2 flight sheets with different wallets, same coin, pool and miner.

How do I see how much each work has made separately and if they will do different deposits.

Looking at the flight sheets, I clearly have 2 different ones but the payout tabs show it together.

I can upload pictures if necessary.

Thanks in advance.

It shows because they are mining on the same pool and system is summing them. I think the only place you can see them is in the pool if they have some statistic connected to the worker name and/or wallet address.

Turns out. I can see more than 2 on my desktop version but only 2 on mobile app.

They are indeed saving up in 2 different for same coin for 2 separate wallets.

I have same questions, How the payout will be done when mining reach 0,1 ETH ?