2060 OC settings

Just sharing some knowledge.

I have 2 rigs running with 2060 (non Super) and the energy consumption per GPU was 125W.
After the HIVEOS update using the new functionality ‘Core Clock Lock support for Nvidia’, I was able to get avg. 32.5 Mhs (70W<>80W) from the 2060 with Samsung memory and 31.4Mhs (84W<>95W) from the 2060 with Micron memory.

Find the setting I used below;

please share!

edit note:

  1. The temp of all GPU’s dropped from 75C to 50C<>60C

  2. The micron memory seems unstable when pushing beyond 1700.

Thanks for sharing. But I don’t know why I cannot have the same setting for RTX2060, it will offline or power supply will drop to around 200W, please suggest, Many Thanks

Different models and different memory; it is really strange.
For the micron i memory now use core: 1100 and memory: 1700
You have 1050/1600 which is close to what u use.

Do try some other combinations.

Have you ever tried to lock the fan speed 80-95%?

Btw. Does not work with Fan watchdog, means you have to deactivate fan watchdog.

Will probably cool down your cardz