2FA Login Issues , Please help!

Hello ,

Having a lot of issues logging into my account on https://the.hiveos.farm/ with 2FA .

Sometimes works very well , sometimes doesn’t work at all . I get my code from authy , write it well ( the code doesn’t expire )

I get “Security code is wrong” . Can you please tell me where is the issue ?

I have exact problem… but on one PC and mobile I can login normally but on another PC I cant login at all.
Tried to clear cookies… didnt helped.

I have same problem on my phone.
On the desktop it always work fine.

I think HiveOs has some kind of problem of 2Fa implementation .
Looks like we either use computer or disable 2FA at all and wait developers fix the issue.

Did you notify support on this yet?
I doubt they read the forum

Same issue here…

Same problem from my phone and the computer …

Same problem here. Login fine with 2fa on my PC and Phone. But on my MacbookM1 I get the “security code is wrong”

Fix! Disable 2fa with Google and enable with Authy.

Perfect with “Authy” the problem is solved. We can login from multiple devices and locations.