2FA Login Issues , Please help!

Hello ,

Having a lot of issues logging into my account on https://the.hiveos.farm/ with 2FA .

Sometimes works very well , sometimes doesn’t work at all . I get my code from authy , write it well ( the code doesn’t expire )

I get “Security code is wrong” . Can you please tell me where is the issue ?

I have exact problem… but on one PC and mobile I can login normally but on another PC I cant login at all.
Tried to clear cookies… didnt helped.

I have same problem on my phone.
On the desktop it always work fine.

I think HiveOs has some kind of problem of 2Fa implementation .
Looks like we either use computer or disable 2FA at all and wait developers fix the issue.

Did you notify support on this yet?
I doubt they read the forum

Same issue here…

Same problem from my phone and the computer …

Same problem here. Login fine with 2fa on my PC and Phone. But on my MacbookM1 I get the “security code is wrong”

Fix! Disable 2fa with Google and enable with Authy.

Perfect with “Authy” the problem is solved. We can login from multiple devices and locations.

Hello, I am totally logged out of my account because i used Google auth and now not a single code works … how can I reset my 2FA ? Thx