2miner BTG Nothing but rejected shares 144_5


I have been trying to get BTG running on the new equihash 144_5 algo and i believe i have everything in wallet set correctly but when i look at miner all i get is rejected shares. Do i have something set inncorectly?


Anyone have an answer for this? please…


You need to put coin personalization string to miner extra arguments string

for BTG is
pers BgoldPoW

for BTCZ is
pers BitcoinZ

be aware string is case sensitive!


Thank you halo do i need to also specify algo?


algo automatically added by config generator based on choise of dropdown list
You can see for yourself by calling miner config or press similar button on Rig panel


What am I doing wrong? Do not go to a pool hash


show miner config


Works perfectly


Hey, did you get this working? I have the same problem.


Yes, I got it working you just have too have extra config arguments set to pers BgoldPoW (it is case sensitive)


I tried that as well but no luck. I might just have to try again.


do you have miner fork and hash algo set correctly?


Добрый вечер подскажите биткоин голд на новом алгоритме настроил зеленую ферму а красную не могу не подскажите как ???


Устанавливай через кастом lolminer043.