3000G APU Disabled under HiveOS

I just migrated my cards over to a new Asrock B450 Pro4 and Athlon 3000G APU coming from a Z170 Intel platform. Everything booted up fine and works great but I noticed that my onboard video is disabled. When I boot the rig I can get into BIOS and it shows the initial HiveOS blue boot screen but once it loads the OS everything goes black. I’d like to keep the onboard video output working as I have a monitor for local display and troubleshooting. I’d prefer not to plug into a dedicated GPU for this. On the HiveOS page it says the Picasso AMD/ATI device is disabled.

In BIOS I have iGPU forced on and dedicated 2G of memory to it. I’m currently running UEFI with CSM disabled. I’ve read mixed success stories about running legacy with MBR. I might try loading an install on a flash drive to see if this helps. Any thoughts?

I`m facing the same with atlhon 3000g and asus prime b450m (motherboard). without solution

Hiveos update 0.6-179@201206

  • Added auto disabling AMD APU (iGPU with codenames like RS880, Stoney, Wani, Picasso will be disabled at boot to exclude them from mining to prevent miner crash)

Since posting I’ve been doing some research and stumbled on that as well. I contacted HiveOS support and they confirmed this. I’m not sure if they’ll be willing to detail how to enable the APU though. I’ll continue poking around on how to do this in Linux and if I find anything I’ll be sure to post here.

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add BUSID_KEEP_APU=1 at the end of /etc/environment


Did it work for someone ?