3060 - Full mining speed - 50mh Unlock (Repeatable)

Just wanted to do a quick post on how to reliably do the 3060 max hashrate glitch.
Ive done it over and over but there are a few things you should know to get it to work repeatably.

  1. Nvidia driver version must be 460.39
  2. ERG Mining must be done for a good few mins and be running at max rate (100mh+)
  3. Your overclock on your 3060’s must be high enough to cause the crash in nbminer but not so high that it causes you issues when you switch flightsheets. 2800 - 3000 mem clock did it for me.
  4. this works with multiple 3060’s and mixed cards
  5. it runs for hours and hours if done correctly without any problems.

There are some very good videos out there showing this being done but im new to this and thought i would post an idiots guide.

So with the above in mind the steps are

  1. Create a flightsheet that mines ERG using nbminer (important that its nbminer!)
  2. set the system to mine ERG for a good few mins and ensure all of your 3060 cards are running at 100+mh (standard for that miner)
  3. open up the miner window so you can see when the error happens (we want this)
  4. After it has been running for about 5 mins or so hold the fan on the 3060 card you want to glitch out, after about a min or so (mine took a bit longer) the temps will start to rise but before the miner stops mining on that card you should get a big red error message in the nbminer output window (hiveshell) and the miner will restart. LET GO OF THE FAN(s)
  5. let the card cool down and you will see that the fan reading remains at 0% in hiveos but the card returns to mining at full rate, you will aslo note the fan is running FULL SPEED
  6. repeat steps 3 & 4 for each card you want to do this with (works with multiple 3060s)
  7. switch your flightsheet to ETH (im using t-rex and works fine)
  8. enjoy full speed mining on 3060s

One key thing to repeating the above is that the glitch happens BEFORE your card starts to overheat and shutdown, if its stopping the mining before the red error message it wont work. Usually a slight increase in the mining rate will allow the glitch to happen before the heat is too high.

FYI my settings are Fan 80, Core -100, Memory 2900-3000, PL 120w

Hope this helps others to get the glitch working correctly !


Works great to me! Tks for sharing.


I tried the above steps but the shell window terminates and I am not able to see the error message. After that I switched to Trex miner but still getting only 27MH/s.
I am getting 118MHs for Ergo and I am using nbminer version 38.1

Any clue how to resolve the red error message not appearing?

if the window terminates then likely your overclock was too high and blew the minter completely.
Try lowering the overclock until you are able to trigger the red error message, make sure your card doesnt go over temp as that will also kill the miner (and the card!)

Thank you @Wolf02, I will lower the overclocking values and try again!

I tried with different OC settings, still not able to get the Red error message.
@Wolf02 , Can you please recommend what OC settings do I use to get the red error message? What is the error message text?
When I hold the fans, the GPU temp rise up to 86 and then reverts back to 78/80 C …and then increase up to 80c again, I did hold for more than 10 mins but did not get any error message.
Thanks in advance for the help!

the example of the text is in this video.

My oc settings are
Fan 80, Core -100, Memory 2900-3000, PL 120w

I think the combo of power limit and overclock help to achieve the glitch as it means there isnt too much power and therefore heat going through the card but the error occurs due to the fact that it cannot process the data correctly therefore errors on the memory before the heat is too high.

What i dont understand is why are the miner developers not able to do this when in Win10 its completely unlocked… doesntmake any sense why they cant crack it like Win10

windows 10 is not completely unlocked, the beta driver allowed people to use it at higher rates due to an accidental release by nvidia providing that capability. BUT the issue is on windows it only works for 1 3060 so is useless for miners with multiple 3060’s as beyond the 1st card the unlocked drivers dont work.
So its not “completely unlocked” on windows 10 its just a loophole that was exploted but is still very restrictive for multi card miners.

Wouldn’t holding the fans shorten their lifespan? I figured you can use a hairdryer, but you can also do it in 3 steps using 3 OC templates for 1 GPU, or 3+k templates for k GPUs.

Load template 1, and wait until the temp reaches 80+, then switch to template 2, wait for 5s, then load template 3. Done! I have also made a template 4 for the second GPU, and the same procedure goes in order of templates 4, 2, 3. For a third GPU, it would be 5, 2, 3. You may have to tweak the numbers a little.

I have 2 3060s on Win10 getting 49HR with Dummy HDMI plugs but both are connected to the PCIX Slots on the MOBO which support 16 and 8X for those two slots.
Works fine for me :wink: Plus i have 2 other cards on risers a 1660 Super and Regular getting the HR that are supposed to… 31.6 and 25ish

I for one am not attempting this Fan Glitch with 2 flight sheets… im waiting for LOLminer to come out with a permantent fix. Right now im using LOLminer and getting 37-38 HR on 2 3060s using risers… settings are 1430 GPU Core and 2300 Mem clock PL 125 bit since its Absolute Core the power for these cards are about 100 watts.
I tried 2350 on the memory and they reach almsot 40HR but it is unstable and crashes… so right now 2300 seems to be ok… if it contimues to crash i will drop back some… I see MINIZ miner has something for the 3060s also… but for now LOLminer is working somewhat fine for me…

I was able to get the glitch to work (0% fan) but having a hard time with the 460.39 driver on my rig. The card just can’t seem to get detected, or drops off from pci bus. But with latest driver (465.31), the card is recognized and works fine (but low MHs in ETH).

Anyone have any suggestions on other driver versions for Hive OS? Below is a snip of current config.

How would you set up a fourth template?
As far as I understand template one sets your fan speed of GPU0 to 30 and GPU1 to 70, after GPU0 gets hot you switch to template 2 (for what reason?) and with template 3 you want to get the 0 fan glitch right? how would the other templates look like?

You need to make the memory hot enough, but if you suddenly jump from 1 to 3, most often the fan will not be set correctly, so you will get an unstable temperature. Template 2 is giving enough time for the fan to reach the desired speed.

Template 4 is the same as template 1, but this time the other GPU is set at 30%.

I guess you are running RTX3060 original version. The same that works on windows with 470.05 developer driver.
Im trying to bypass the new RTX3060 (GA-106-302).
Because this is a new chip the 470.05 driver does not find the card and wont install in Windows.
So i tried the Glitch method and also the LolMiner. But it also asks to downgrade to a previous driver 460.39 wich is from Jan/2021. As its an old driver, HiveOS won’t boot as well.
Does any of your RTX3060 has the GA106-302 chip? I guess its does not come named with LHR but it works equal.

yes my understanding is that the glitch will only work with the older NON LHR cards as the new ones will not be detected with the old driver that is required in order to perform the fan glitch method.

I do it even without holding the fan - just make errors and then switch the flightsheet - card inno3d 3060 x2 oc. But with much higher settings F 80 C -525 M 3475 PL 120 and hdmi dummy.

Doesnt work. My 3060 cant mine with 2800 MHz clock on Ram. When i switch to T-Rex the miner shut down after creating dag files and says that i have to lower the oc settings. I have 8 GPUs in a Rig and they cant mine 2800 MHZ clock on eth. with the glitch you cant change clocksettings after the glitch.
And for all the Windows Trolls around here: this is a Hive related forum we dont need solutions for things that are no problem. Windows is already solved and easy. 100% of the Internet knows the HDMI Plug and 470.05 Solution for hobby miners

Hi, seen a few comments on here since i posted,

I have been refining my settings across multiple 3060 cards and as per the comment from MarkusB you may need to play with the overclock settings to get a good setup. Ive now tried this about 10 times (moved the PC, tried other coins etc and its repeatable for sure across multiple cards).
One of my cards is unstable with the original overclock so dropped it to 2700 memory, the others are running at 2800, i get about 1 rejected submission per day on most of the cards but was seeing a lot more on that one card so dropped the overclock.

As people have said yes once the glitch happens you are locked into those settings. What i would say is make sure you have done the power limit too, trying to squeeze out more just causes more failiures (at least for me in testing).

Each setup will be unique based on ambient temps etc as you need it to glitch before the temp goes too high and it becomes limited due to temps etc.

One point i would make is one time i tried to rush it and didnt wait a few mins before doing the fan glitch and it just didnt work. Make sure that it has been mining for at least 2-3 mins MIMIMUM before attempting each card.

Again just trying to help others achieve what i have so dont shoot the messenger :wink: I will keep trying to help people as i can but not a pro just trying to share my findings.