3060 TI ignores the power limit

Hello everybody,
my cards are working fine, but the power limit is being ignored. Does somebody has any idea?

Note: the system is up to date

Hi there,

it seems to be Gigabyte Gaming OC Pro model. I have two of them, see below. Have not found a way to push them down. So I decided to tune them up to max MHs.
But it is so strange, even Aorus Master model with the same PL limits (100/240/270) can be pushed to 120W, check my last card in the list below. If anybody succesfully pushed OC PRO model to 120W, just let us know how :-). Just to note, I had some instabilities with NV driver 460.32.03 so returned back to 455.45.01 ver. My setup eats 1820W at the wall right now.

Does anybody know how to switch those LEDs/LCD displays on Nvidia cards in Linux OFF? The switch at the OC settings doesnt work.


I can only agree. The msi cards take over the limit.

Maybe we should wait for bios update, if there will be any. I have tried to switch BIOS to silent mode (ver, but it affects only temperatures and fans (pushed temp higher and the fans lower) and not core/memory freqs nor the power consumption, what is strange as well. The same behavior confirmed in this review as well (https://youtu.be/cOdaCn5sqxc?t=369)
Anyway, if much better card (Aorus) with limits at 270W can work at 120W, it should be just bios settings. Anybody with higher BIOS ver ( ) can confirm the lower power consumption? If there are 3 PL levels (100/240/270), the card should use them.