3070 ti f*cks my miner

I have a 3070 and a 5700 XT that have been mining no problem for 7 months. I have never encountered an issue until now. I recently decided to swap my 3070 ti from mining raven on my gaming pc to mine ETH on my miner together with the 3070 and the 5700XT, the problem is when I turn it on both nvidia cards dont mine only the AMD card? they both get detected although the 3070 ti doesn’t show any information like temp.

I have tried updating the drivers, as well as all the necessary bios options including 4D coding. I have now unplugged the 3070 ti and the miner has gone back to working as normal.

I cant find any solution online so of anyone has any suggestions please help thank you.

post a screenshot of your worker overview tab