32-33 mh/s - rx 580/570

Try and use overclocked settings from the picture in this theme. You should get more

I tried and used all the different settings, the one thing that worked for me was to use Polaris Bios Editor 1.7.3 to mod the bios and use the settings the bios editor told me to. Now all my cards are running 31.7 which I feel is the max for these cards.

Have you all noticed that the power draw for RX cards is incorrect in HiveOS ? Each card shows ~75W used but testing power draw at the wall, each card roughly takes ~125W

Why is that ?

Which miner?


hi, i tried these on my 570 samsung, exactly like u said 31.xx, champion ! Thanks for sharing :sunglasses:

Great news dude, im glad. Now try this on one of them i thing you will get even more.


cheers, these gave a bit higher to 3 cards but lower to rest of them, so previous with all ± 31.4mh is better in total and allso i belive that bit conservative oc will reduce stale and invalid shares in the long run. I actually had about same rates before when i had one 580 in the mix, but for some reason mh went down after i removed that 580…its going to second rig with more powerful psu…anyway, im glad that i can get +31 on these 570´s and it looks like gir is stable, only one invalid since last night…like it states somewhere, mining is not a race its a marathon ! :+1: btw…do mh/s goes down when eth price increace? less blocks to calculate, more difficult… or something like that…

The price does not mater but the difficulty does. We are now 6+ difficulty (google Ethereum difficulty), that means the hashrate will be the same, but it will take more time to mine Ethereum.

Plz you can share the stock bios of one of those cards I need it plz

580 or 570?

I need bios for this card plz
Radeon RX 580 8192 MB · MSI
Samsung K4G80325FC · xxx-xxx-xxx

I dont have msi sorry, im not sure if mine bios would work the same for u

Hello guys.

I’ve just bought a 2year mining rig (8x Sapphire Nitro 570 8GB) for 2018 prices from my friend.

When I first started, Mh was 23 every per card. Now I used some OC settings from your topic but so few cards have 27, and some 30Mhs, is this Ok?

Micron fans go on 100%… its ok? :slight_smile:

Can I make maybe stable 31Mhs? I see some screens from this group that a lot of people have 32… BUT, important for me is life of cards, not some few more bucks…

How it’s possible, those cards have 150w/h? I see a lot of people have 80 per card…

Thank you:)

Use this settings, let us see

No need for fans to go to 100%!

put them on 65% if you have temperature to 60-70c u are fine

Thank you for fast answer!

Ok, temp forGPU I set for 65C.

I used your settings, one for micron and one for Samsung. Mhs goes up, but W doesnt go down…

hi im going to instal 3 570 8gb… and did you put something for the timing or somthing in the miner section i will use teamredminer

Good hasrate but dont know why tooo much power hmmm

My cards are Gigabyte. Are you sure my bios will work for MSI cards ? I don’t want you to ruin your cards by flashing the wrong bios