5x 6800 diferents hashrates but same OC profile


Im trying to understand what is going on in my rig with 5x 6800, i have anothers rigs with differents GPUs but only this have this issue:

Here is the config:
1º 6800 = Tuf
2º 6800 = PowerColor Fighter
3º 6800 = PowerColor Fighter
4º 6800 = PowerColor Red Devil
5º 6800 = PowerColor Red Devil

I already tried to swap the bios, change ETH_CONFIGs from TRM, change the overclocks, changed riser, changed mobo and theres is 2 issues realy anoying…
Everytime the rig is rebooted i have another hashrate for all 6800… the GPU 2 sometimes takes 60mh/s but in most time, its like 56-57…

I found in amd-info command after some tests this:

Theres something i can do to stable this hashrate?