6700 XT overheating

Hi All,

I have a 6700XT whose Mem Temp can easily reach to 90c. Now I’m underclocking it at very low Core and Mem clock, but would like to know if there are other things I can do to lower the temperature. What are normal Core Temp and Mem Temp?

I just got one in too and it is cooking no matter what settings I have tried so far.

Yeah, I think it’s ambient temperature/ air flow issue. I tried to set Fan at 90% and turn on AC, and add a box fan, then the issue can be mitigated.

The heat wave broke and I can push the card to almost 42MH.
But the MEM Temp is still at 88 degrees.
It is a card you have to baby sit for sure.

My reference 6700XT also hits 96C on mem. Try setting MVDD = 1200

This is super helpful. I set the MVDD at 1250 (the min) and the MEM temp declines significantly by almost 10c. BTW, I also bought a powerful box fan to help with the air flow.