6x Sapphire pulse RX 570 4gb Elpida memory biosmod


Hi All,

I mod my cards with this bios mod https://anorak.tech/uploads/default/original/2X/0/09dc8edd879cb335e324482541cd026b556bbb33.rom and CORE 1150 MEM 2050 and get 29,8Mh/s. Only problem is it use to many power and i get out of power after some mining :). My psu 1000watt evga. Some know how i can reduce the power use but still get the 29,8Mh/s?

Thanks a lot for your reply.


Hello! Try setting the DPM value to 4 or less and optionally setting the Core Voltage value to 900. In my case, my Sapphire Pulse ITX RX570’s consumption decreased from ~150 to ~100 watts, and the hashed rose to 30.18

PS Your link is dead :slight_smile:


Any update on this thread, we have the same card. Where can I adjust the DPM Value? and core voltage in HIVEOS? Thanks.


Please use AMD OC button for this


Hello Alfa. What bois do you use?
I also have sapphire ITX RX570 4gb.
I can only achieve 27.6mh.
core state 1
memory 1850

any more overclock and system crash.


Hi! To get my bios just use “One Click Tminig Patch” from Polaris))
My OC:
CORE 1100
V 900
MEM 2000

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