A bug report about Hashrate Watchdog


A bug report about Hashrate Watchdog. HW

I’m currently turned off ‘Hashrate Watchdog’ function from HiveOS since I’ve noticed a bug which is serious for me.
I have only 1 rig having 2 nVidia GPUs and 4 AMD GPUs.
If I turned it on and when I’m mining a specific coin through HiveOS control panel (web-based) which utilizes only nVidia GPUs while I’m running my custom-built mining software in the linux terminal solely for AMD card, HW hinders Fan Control (critical temperature menu) that AMD heats up to 85 degree without any fans working. ( I’m a software engineer, more clearly, an iOS game developer. Thus I used to make any softwares as it deems worthy for me.)

Thus my workaround was turning off HW while turning on fan control menu.

I have made a lot of tweak in HiveOS but I don’t think my modification would influence this fan control malfunction. Maybe developer in HiveOS didn’t consider my situation or the similar where anyone want to run his or her own mining software in the terminal concurrently.

I hope this bug would be removed sooner.