Account locked / whitelist IP



Hi, I need admins profi help. I changed yesterday internet provider, new router etc., and because I had set before on my hive account white list for previous IP, I am not able to log in to hive now. I need to whitelist my new static ip or disable whitelist. Can you help me? I know of course my previous IP.
I tried to contact admins via Facebook, forum on bitcointalk, telegram chat but nobody answered :frowning:


Last 3 days admin was very busy because HiveOS server has huge load.
Now all works fine so let’s try to contact him


[quote=“HaloGenius;1311”]Last 3 days admin was very busy because server has huge load.
Now all works fine so let’s try to contact him[/quote]

As I wrote, I contacted them everywhere it was possible = no answer


Ok I’ll try to attract his attention for this topic




Please write email to with your account data

  • login, name, email
  • rig names
  • last login IP and time


email sent


No updates? it looks like nobody will help me, no answer to my email I sent to 2 hours ago. I am waiting for an aswer already second day Sad


Solved. Thanks


closed as solved


I also have one request about white list of IP. Me and my friend are going to place rigs in one place with one static IP, also my friend’s account has full access to my account. (he provide me some support). I am afraid that when we will do it, our accounts will be blocked. I kindly ask to do not block our accounts.
I have wrote e-mail to and and described details (account, IP etc.)
I decided to do not create separate topic, because this issue belongs only to me and my request, not general issue, which may be interested for other people.
Thank you in advance for reviewing my request / e-mail.