Adding brand new Asrock 4gb RX570 to either rig causes mining to fail


I have installed an Asrock rx570 4gb gpu in a mixed gpu rig (1, 6gb nvidia gtx 1060 & 5 other AMD cards all rx570’s) and it just causes a blinking cursor upon boot. i have gone through bios settings and tried many different settings, but no boot. I remove the 1 Nvidia card and it will boot and run. I put the card into another rig with 6 other nvidia gpus mostly 3gb, but also 1 6gb nvidia. It will boot but only mines for a few minutes and then causes endless miner crashes. I have tried claymore, Phoenix miners and many different overclock settings.
I have tried different bios and flashed for hopes that it would fix the issue, but no dice.

I do not know where to go next for trouble shooting. I would love any suggestions. Both motherboards are Gigabyte boards but not exactly the same. I can’t figure this out…