All cryptocurrencies for mining

I am an older generation and I do not have such an overview as you young people who have a lot of information.
Can you please advise what other cryptocurrencies is suitable for mining on the GPU? I only know about ETH.
Or is somewhere on the net a list of todays most suitable cryptocurrencies for mining on graphics card?
Thanks Jiris

Easiest is ETC with Hiveon pool. It allows 4gb cards at this point. It will also stay POW after ETH moves to POS.

Many others, I struggle to find choices to believe in, but a lot of people are mining RVN.

i personally check . there you can select you GPUs and see what you can get from them on different coins. but still i dont know what will happen in 10 days when ETH reduce the rewards and in an year when they go to POS. guess people will mine raven coin or Ergo or something else.