AMD 6600xt in hiveOS


i have this config for 4 sapphire i find 55w is the most sweet spot
if i go lower the gpu crashed

tell me if you have any suggestion.

is this normal hashrate pool lower then avg hashrate and keep changing …

help me

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this is my overclock for my 6600xt vram micron, it’s pretty stable, ,but it’s not a best overclock

Hey guys, New to HiveOS I have 5x 6600XT’s to mine with and im having trouble getting the error

kernel: amdgpu 0000:03:00.0: amdgpu: Msg issuing pre-check failed(0xffffffc2) and SMU may be not in the right state!

Would like some guidance or any help. Tried to look through forum and nothing seems to work

i want to increace hashrate to +33mh
i have siphire pulse 6600xt
please help me.

what is the VRAM of your 6600xt?

Your oc is too high, i think you need to reduce MEM to 1050 and slowly increase it from 1050-1100, because micron vram can’t run as high as samsung vram . Most cards with micron vram will run more power than samsung vram, so you need Increase the voltage core for your GPU 6600xt Micron (VDD:650-670).

I have realized this also. My new XFX 6600XT same. Max memory temp 48 at 50% Fan. And hashrate 30.5.

I setted up fan to 75%. Memory temp is still 48. But suddenly my hashrate increase to 31.6

Is this a problem? I saw some 6600xt cards works at 60 memory temp. How can we solve this problem?

Yes, you can use lol miner. it will be better.