AMD 6800 XT Hashrate issues (Sudden Drop Overnight)

Hello, this is my first post, I was hoping you all could help me with two issues I am having.

For controls sake, all temperatures are normal, no errors are being thrown. (Core Temp 44, Mem Temp 54)

  1. After a fresh install of Hive OS on my rig I began mining with Phoenixminer (ETH) & Hiveon. Was actually able to get 63+ MH/s, but then suddenly after it working for about 24 hours, my rig refuses to hash on Phoenixminer anymore. No updates occurred and it went from 63 MH/s to 0 MH/s overnight. Does anyone know what would cause this? I reloaded my overclock settings and switched out to a different pool and then back. Neither worked and the rig refuses to mine on Phoenixminer at all.

  2. After my Phoenixminer issue, I swapped over to TeamRedMiner (ETH). Found some settings that were getting me about 62.4 MH/s, and it was running great for about 3.5 days. Then suddenly last night it dropped down to 40 MH/s right at 4am EST. All temps stayed normal. It ran for about 4 hours at 40 MH/s and after reloading the exact same overclock settings it went back up to 61 MH/s, won’t go back up to the 62.4 MH/s I was getting just a few hours earlier. Does anyone know what may cause this to occur? Its pretty annoying to have to babysit the miner just to see when it decides to fail. Picture of when it dropped should be attached.