AMD Rx 5700 xt and NVidia Tesla K80, best miner software?

I have a miner that already has two AMD, XFX RX 5700 XT (Thiic III) 8gb cards running TeamRedMiner and mining ETH. I got a deal for two NVidia K80, dual GPU, 24gb (12gb per GPU) server cards, and 3D printed fan cases with fans for proper cooling, since they were server GPUs, and I want to install them on the same miner. I have an Asus B250 mining board with 19 PCI-e slots, 8gb of ram, an I-3 3900 CPU, a 80gb hard drive, and the two 5700’s.
I understand TeamRedMiner isn’t made for NVidia. I like the program, but, any suggestions for switching? I’m leaning towards PhoenixMiner, or maybe ETHMiner, but if someone has better ideas, I’m all ears.