AMD Vega release


I got my vega rig working properly, but is there any way to mine with vega and rx cards on the same rig with the vega release?


Still having issues with the fans. Ive tried to conact hive support but i get no reply. so im not even sure if this will be addressed

what i have found to work for me in the mean time is to set the fans myself with rocm-smi --setfans 200

Hope this can help if someone else is having this issue



Used previus build of HiveOS with 5 vega 64s with no problem. Hash was 43.69 constant on each gpu.
Today, i’ve upgraded HiveOS to 0.6-16@190218-2 and added 2 more vega 64.
The problem is that now the hashrate is hectic, not 43.69 MH/s on every single card, but right now it looks like this:
43.67, 43.69, n/a , 43.69, n/a , 40.49, 41.86
a minute later
43.67, 43.68, 43.67, 43.65, 43.34, n/a , 41.70
another refresh:
43.67, 43.69, n/a , 43.68, n/a , 32.33 , 41.55

Do you have got any idea why are some vga-s randomly n/a, then hashing again, and why is the hash dropping to 30-32 instead of fix 43?
These issues happens with claymore and with ethminer as well. To test the hardware I tried cast-xmr for xmr, works fine, none of the cards are dropped.

Any idea please?

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Would you mind posting a picture of your OC profile for these cards? I’m having a difficult time understanding the syntax. Plus I have a very mixed AMD RIG so I need to set OC settings per card.

1 R9
1 vega Frontier
1 Vega 56